Our Values and ESG

Leading the automotive finance sector via the establishment of a new carbon-offsetting programme...

Our purpose

Transforming passion into reality

Porsche Cayman Finance

Our Vision

Combining the experience of our colleagues with the efficiencies of technology to build a scalable platform that redefines passion asset lending.

Our people, our values


We always do what is right and take accountability for our actions


We listen to different perspectives and celebrate the spirit of the individual


We are fiercely passionate about offering our clients unrivalled service, every time


We move forward together with purpose, determination and clear communication


We are empowered to develop opportunities & achieve our professional ambitions

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Acting with integrity builds trust and a firm understanding that decisions are always taken for the right reasons.

We champion empathy because we care about our colleagues and our clients. By taking time to listen to their feedback and acting accordingly we become progressively stronger as an organisation.

We endeavour to provide a market-leading client experience. We appreciate what motivates car enthusiasts and we exist to support their buying decisions because, behind the metal, glass and rubber are real emotions, sensations and desires. That’s why we take a holistic view to finance, working with you clients, where, possible to help you own the cars you have always aspired to drive.

Clear and regular communication is the foundation on which is everything is built. The more we talk, the more closely we are aligned and the easier our goals are to achieve.

Entrepreneurship is at the core of everything we do. From JBR Capital’s formation to the current day aspiration of our clients, we understand what being entrepreneurial means and the strength of feeling that sits behind it.

DE&I Statement

Diversity, equity and inclusion is fundamental to our colleague focused culture. We recognise diversity brings different ideas and perspectives,equity offers a level playing field, and inclusion encourages our colleagues to be their authentic selves. We are committed to building a culture with these principles at its core.

Our planet, our promise

We are committed to reducing and offsetting the emissions of our organisation and the cars we finance. We aim to achieve long term carbon storage with a low risk of reversal to maximise the environmental impact of our work.

Working Towards carbon neutrality

Leading the automotive finance sector via the establishment of a new carbon-offsetting programme, we will offset 5,000 miles of carbon emissions for each car financed by its clients, effective 1st January 2022, through the purchase of carbon credits.

“We are a highly responsible business and our new sustainability strategy is proof of that ethos. I am proud we are leading the automotive finance sector with our new ESG initiatives, which will significantly offset carbon emissions from our clients’ cars. We are champions of this industry and we want to do the right thing through immediate actions, preserving this sector for the future, enabling our clients to simultaneously enjoy a passion for driving but doing so in a sustainable manner.” – Nayan V Kisnadwala, CEO at JBR Capital

JBR Capital was founded to exclusively finance the acquisition of high-performance sports cars, supercars, luxury and prestige vehicles to enable our clients to drive the car of their dreams. Many customers are now choosing high-performance electric vehicles, but they also still want to enjoy internal combustion-engined cars responsibly and with as little impact on the planet as possible. Partnering with one of the world’s leading offset companies, Carbon Neutral Britain, means that being environmentally conscious and a car enthusiast does not have to be mutually exclusive.

Read more on our new sustainability initiative here.

So far, Carbon Neutral Britain’s projects have offset over 500,000 tonnes of CO2 and planted more than three million trees, with partnerships with household names such as Virgin Money, the DPD Group and Bureau Veritas. Via Carbon Neutral Britain, projects are selected based on their wider impact, providing secondary benefits such as education, employment, clean water, and a positive impact on the local wildlife and ecology within the region.

From projects such as hydro-electrical power in Chile (17), reforestation in Brazil (13), woodland planting in England (18) and solar water heating in India (8), JBR Capital clients will now be able to contribute and help make a difference to climate change.

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