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These real-life conversations give you an idea of how we like to do business here at JBR Capital. Open, honest and friendly! Take a look – you may find some examples that match your own requirements.

Q. Can you help me upgrade from a Golf GTi to a Porsche Cayman?

A customer got in touch to ask about upgrading his Golf GTi to a Porsche Cayman. 

Car Type: Porsche Cayman | Car Price: 30,000 | 21/11/2019

Q. Can you help me refinance my classic car collection?

A customer got in touch asking refinancing his classic car collection in order to repay a mortgage on an overseas property. 

Finance Product: Car equity release | Price range: £200-400,000 | 20/12/2019

Q. Can you help me finance a Lamborghini Huracan?

A customer asked about funding for a Huracan and wanted clarification with regards to dealer vs. independent finance.

Finance Product: Lease purchase | Price range: £130-150,000 | 09/01/2020

Q.If I financed through you would it be better that PCP arrangements?

A customer asked about refinancing options for the next time they changed their car. 

Car Type: Rolls Royce Wraith | Car Price: NA | 22/01/2020

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Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the virus and we have taken the decision to protect the JBR workforce by closing our London office.

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