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Bespoke finance for your dream Classic or Vintage Ford

If you’re considering purchasing a Classic Ford, consider us. We are high-end car finance experts, and can put together a bespoke, flexible arrangement to suit your financial circumstances, your classic car, and your future needs.

We understand the joy that your classic car can give you. Our team has knowledge of those individual circumstances that a classic car requires – from barn find to showpiece we have helped hundreds of cars and their owners. Our personal service means that tawe can take into account many more factors than a high street lender – for instance the car’s true residual value, other assets you may own or your business situation – and come up with a fast decision and a plan to suit you – often with lower payments than other lenders. So contact us about finance, either before you start hunting for the perfect Classic Ford, or after you’ve decided on your dream car.



Finance personally designed to suit you and your vehicle



We specialise in high-end vehicles. That’s our only focus



Face-to-face conversations, decisions made by humans



Fast results, with the ability to achieve low monthly repayments

Classic Ford Cars

In The UK, Ford cars feature heavy in our imagingtion and our dreams. Of course we have the glam of Steve McQueen’s Mustang in Bullett. But we also have the more sedate Cortina in Life on Mars to pretty much every cop show going. We have grown up with Fords. And the likeliehood is that at some point in your life you have driven or owned one.

But yet there are some Fords that are truly special and iconic – the cars that we aspired to and that filled our screens. Most of all in the world of motorsport at all levels and surfaces Fords have powered their way to the top. It is this mix of motorsport success, great practical design and familiarity that makes the humble Ford a winner for classic investments.

We regularly finance the Ford GT40Some highlights, then. The Ford GT40, which was apparently named after its roof height, is one of the prettiest sports coupés ever and (provided you’re not more than about 5 feet 8 inches tall) also hugely thrilling to drive. Its four-time Le Mans 24-hour success gave it the status of a true legend, and they now sell, if they ever come to auction, for vast sums. Some quality replicas are also popular as well as the modern day remakes – a modern classic in the making.
Of course, there are plenty more models that have rightly gained the status of perennial favourites. In rallying circles, the RS Series, from Escort thru Sierras and now the Focus, had a peerless record, thanks to the hard work of some great names such as Roger Clark and Colin McRae.Genuine works examples, or even very well-constructed replicas, now fetch extremely serious money.

But for classic car and Americana enthusiasts, there’s only one car to consider – the Mustang. Popularised partly thanks to fellow car nut Steve McQueen’s antics in great ‘60s thriller Bullitt, the Mustang is a genuine all-time great. The fastback is a great-looking car with many imitators – a short cut to American glamour.

We regularly finance the Ford Mustang

There are many more desirable and investable Fords than you might imagine. So if you’re considering one of the many classic Fords out there, get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to talk to you about financing your next Vintage Ford.

Classic Ford Financing Headlines


Hire Purchase

A simple loan arrangement, paid off in regular instalments



A scheme where you pay a regular sum, with a ‘balloon’ payment at the end



Very competitive monthly payments. Can be fixed or variable


Interest Rate

Decided at the start of the arrangement, if fixed; can also vary based on a pre-agreed formula



Usually 10-20% but can be anything from zero to a much higher amount



Our judgement of your ability to afford the payments, based on our own very personal, tailored criteria



What we assess your vehicle will be worth at the end of the agreement, based on our expert knowledge of the high-end car market



Otherwise known as Personal Contract Purchase, we currently only offer this through our McLaren Financial Services partnership. Contact us for more details

Our Customers come first

‘ I’m so happy that JBR let me follow in Steve [McQueen’s] wheel tracks! The Mustang is the car for me.’

An Americana enthusiast

‘The GT40 is an icon of Le Mans racing, and a real racers’ machine. JBR Capital were good enough to build a bespoke finance package which allowed me to own one.’

A classic racing car collector

Top Ford Models We Finance



Classic, pretty sports-racing coupé, 1964-1969

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Iconic coupé and fastback, 1964-1973

ford escord

Ford Escort Cosworth

Rally winner from the 90's. Becoming highly collectable. 1992–96

Modern Ford Finance

Bespoke finance for modern Ford cars

Expert, independent and secure

We are happy to lend anything from £25,000 to £3m, and to date we have loaned over £206m. We pride ourselves on personal service, which means that we don’t just punch numbers into a computer and wait for an answer – we talk to you, use our expert knowledge to assess you and your vehicle, and arrange a finance package to suit your needs.

As a result, we have received numerous awards and nominations, including the Auto Finance Awards, Motor Finance Awards and Car Finance Awards.

Backed by Cabot Square Capital, our management team has decades of combined experience in the worlds of automotive finance and financial services. We are full members of the Finance & Leasing Association and abide by its FLA Lending Code on trading fairly and responsibly. We are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

JBR is award winning

Get in touch for fast, flexible Ford finance tailored to your needs

If you’re looking to finance any new or used classic, luxury or high performance car, our expert team would love to chat with you.

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