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Porsche 356 Finance

Bespoke finance for your ideal Classic Porsche

Got your eye on the most beautiful of Porsches? Why not talk to us? We are high-end car finance experts and can put together a bespoke, flexible package to suit your financial circumstances, your car and your future needs.We often offer lower payments than other lenders, and we can offer finance to clients who may be turned away by the computer-driven checklists of other companies. So contact us about Porsche finance, either before you start hunting for a pristine 356, or one that needs some work.



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Porsche 356 Finance With JBR Capital


356 is the original Porsche, designed in the aftermath of war, first built in of all things an Austrian sawmill. It has proved to be the basic blueprint of all Porsches – still evident in today’s 911s. So the rear-mounted engine, that sleek teardrop shape, the almost friendly look all began in that fabled sawmill. The 356 borrowed more than just parts from the Volkswagen, but most of all it is clever, solid and reliable engineering that means there are many roadworthy 356s out there today. And Porsche has continued to build upon this early success.

In brief then, the first model was the ‘Pre-A’ – the generic term given to all 1955 and earlier Porsches, instantly recognisable by their V-shaped (or ‘bent’) windscreens. With this in mind these are incredibly rare and expensive to buy. Less rare but just as sought after are the 356A and 356Bs – the latter from 1959 onward with 30,963 sold in less than four years. Later the 356C was a slightly updated version from 1963. The biggest change was the jump to disc brakes and to the engine range – making for a better, smoother, drive. Outwardly the 356C was only discernible by its hub caps – now “innie” rather than the earlier “outies”.

From 1955 onward the 356 had an added “Carrera” option. This sport upgrade meant chiefly the power unit was much more powerful. Then in 1963 Porsche created…

The ultimate 356: the Carrera 2 with 1966cc version of the engine producing 130bhp in standard trim or 140bhp/155bhp in the competition GS and GT versions. Only 436 Carrera 2s were made, and they are among the most sought after of all Porsches, commanding £300k-£400k price tags.

The 356 is still a status symbol of timeless elegance. It pops up in Popstars’ driveways and in cult films. Like the Volkswagen Beetle before it the 356 is a car to fall instantly, hopelessly in love with.

Porsche 356 Finance With JBR Capital
Porsche 356 Finance With JBR Capital
Porsche 356 Finance

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