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The Covid-19 virus has caused unprecedented levels of uncertainly and at JBR Capital we fully appreciate the impact on our client base. As such, the team have worked tirelessly over the last fortnight to ensure that we can deliver the appropriate level of support to our clients as and when required.  

The pace of change is significant and to safeguard our employees we took the decision to close our North London office on Tuesday, 17th March. All of the team are now working from home, committed to delivering the high-level of customer support for which JBR Capital is renowned.

We have fielded multiple calls and emails over the last fortnight and we’re doing our very best to work through these as quickly as we can. Please be mindful that responses may take a little longer than usual during this challenging period.

To help answer some of the points clients may have, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions. These cover some of the main subjects which the team are being asked, but if you’re seeking additional clarity then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

For customers that still need to speak to us, initially we ask that you send your questions / requests into us via email.  The email address to use is, we will log your enquiry and be in touch with you as soon as we can. 

frequently asked questions

I would like to talk to someone at JBR, how do I get in touch with you?

We are here for our customers at this difficult time and will be happy to speak with you. Please call 020 3355 0051 or email, we have a dedicated team on hand to respond swiftly.

I wish to make a payment to JBR, how is best to do this ?

Please email for all payment questions or call 020 3355 0051. We have a dedicated team on hand to swiftly respond to you.      

How has the Coronavirus outbreak impacted JBR’s operations and levels of service?

JBR Capital takes the welfare of its customers and employees extremely seriously and as such our office is closed.  All employees are now working from home and their welfare is being monitored by the senior management team. 

We continue to provide the highest levels of service possible at this time. Inevitably, some service levels have been impacted but rest assured our current and prospective clients are very important to us.

I have been personally impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and would like to enquire about a payment holiday. How do I go about this?

We are able to offer options designed to assist clients during this challenging time. These include a payment holiday period and moving your agreement to interest only terms. 

We individually assess each request and we take the needs of our customer very seriously. As such we will ask you to provide information that supports your request as this aids the decision making process.  

Why am I being asked to provide a budget planner, bank statements, or access to open banking?

We must ensure that we assess requests as quickly as possible, but also specific to that customer’s personal circumstances. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring they assist where they can, and the more information you can provide to us the sooner we can respond to you with a decision. In all cases we are requesting you provide a budget planner and bank statements to allow us to assess any changes in your income.

Where appropriate, Open Banking is an alternative which gives JBR access to review your accounts without you sending in copies of bank statements. Where you do not or are unable to provide relevant information, it may slow down your request.

If I just cancel my direct debit will that cause an impact to my credit file?

Yes, if you do not maintain your payments this could have a negative impact on your credit file if you fall into arrears. JBR strongly advises all customers adhere to the terms of their agreement unless they have an agreed payment holiday in place. If you think you will struggle to meet your monthly payment then please email us on

How long does it take for JBR to make a decision to a payment holiday request?

We will initially respond to you ASAP and aim to provide a formal response within 2-5 working days if you provide the information requested.


I wish to get a settlement figure, how is best to obtain this ?

Please email for all settlement related questions, the team will endeavour to respond quickly. They can also advise how best to make any lump-sum payments or how to settle your agreement.  

I am not currently impacted by coronavirus , but I think I may be at some point in the future. What should I do?

For now you need not do anything.  Please continue with your payments as detailed within your agreement with JBR Capital.  If your circumstances change, then you may wish to get in contact by emailing

My business has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and would like to enquire about a payment holiday. How do I go about this?

We have a number of options that are available to customer to assist those that genuinely need it during this challenging time. These range from a time of pause, to interest only payment.  We do assess each request on its own merits and we take the needs of our customer very seriously.  As such we will ask you to provide detail and this aids us in being able to come to a swift and correct decision. 

If JBR offer me a payment holiday, will this cause any negative impact on my credit file?

A payment reduction, payment holiday or change to your repayment schedule will not affect your credit rating. 

Do I need to sign any new documents if you agree to change my payment plan?

This is dependent on the circumstances. The team will talk you through the required documentation during your dialogue with them.

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COVID-19 Update

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the virus and we have taken the decision to protect the JBR workforce by closing our London office.

If you are an existing customer and you are concerned about your ability to make repayments on your agreement please contact us via email at


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