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How are JBR working to help their customers?

We are providing forbearance to customers who have been financially impacted by Covid-19 and this document intends to offer answers to some of the most frequently asked Payment Holiday questions.

This guidance applies where customers are experiencing or reasonably expect to experience temporary payment difficulties as a result of coronavirus and a loss of or material reduction in their income (or income of other members of their household) or to those who expect to experience such difficulties. Where a customer was in pre-existing financial difficulty, our existing forbearance rules and guidance in CONC 7 would continue to apply.

The FCA permits lenders to make enquiries they consider necessary in order to satisfy themselves that the customer is eligible for forbearance support. This is likely to mean a JBR Credit Manager will want to discuss your financial situation arising from the impacts of coronavirus pandemic.

frequently asked questions

I have been personally impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and would like to enquire about a payment holiday. How do I go about this?

We are able to offer options designed to assist clients during this challenging time. These include a payment holiday period and moving your agreement to interest only terms. 

We individually assess each request and we take the needs of our customer very seriously. As such we will ask you to provide information that supports your request as this aids the decision making process.  

What is a Payment Holiday?

An agreement with JBR Capital in which the borrower is permitted to cease or reduce current payments for a fixed period and then resume making payments at a specific future date. It does not mean that payments are annulled and they will still be due at a later time. Some customers, mindful of their obligation to repay the loan by a specific date, can chose to make increased payments after the deferral period. Alternatively, a customer may decide to catch up on any missed payments with lump sums or increase the balloon payment if this option is suitable. Other options include extending the loan agreement to maintain similar monthly payments or a combination of the above. By extending the agreement it is likely a customer will be increasing their overall costs.

What types of Payment Holidays are available?

Payment Holidays, interest only or part payment solutions that are bespoke and appropriate for each customers circumstances. Our Credit team will work with clients to understand what is affordable and suitable. We’ll therefore consider the requirements of each customer on a case by case basis to fully appreciate their requirements.

Should all customers take a Payment Holiday?

Customers who have contacted JBR Capital are being reviewed for Payment Holidays. Our clients have differing financial situations and as such each case will be reviewed on an individual basis. Whilst this personal approach may take a little longer, it is essential in order to provide the appropriate and best outcome for each of our customers. For example a Payment Holiday might be suitable for some customers, but not suitable for others who are looking to refinance in the near term. JBR will support the customer with all questions to enable them to make an informed decision of their own.

What are the key impacts of any Payment Holiday?

It is important for JBR Capital to ensure any Payment Holiday does not create a detrimental impact for the customer. JBR will consider the borrowers income stream and current valuation of the vehicle at assessment stage to ensure any restructuring of the loan remains affordable and balloons suitable and achievable for the customer.

JBR will ensure a fully transparent and open dialog with all customers and talk through various examples to aid with decision making. The length of your agreement can increase as a result of any payment deferral so this means you will need to consider other factors that are associated with the vehicle, such as car insurance, MOT obligations, servicing and running costs.

Whilst a worsening status will not be reported to a Credit Reference Agency in respect of any payment deferral taken, customers should be aware that alternative lenders may take into account forbearance information when making future lending decisions.

How long can the Payment Holiday be for?

JBR are offering Payment Holidays suitable to a customer’s personal circumstances and initially up to 3 months. Many customers are requesting for their agreements to be extended by the deferral period, with some customers agreeable to meeting their loan obligations on the originally specified redemption date. If you choose a payment holiday and then decide you wish to pay the original amount this is fine, as long as you communicate that decision to JBR as soon as possible.

What happens to the interest being charged on the agreement?

Where a client has indicated they can afford to pay just the interest, the capital repayment is frozen during the Payment Holiday period. If you wish to extend the agreement by the number of Payment Holiday months, unregulated agreements are subject to interest being charged for the extended term. Customers with regulated agreements can be assured they will not be liable for anything more than the total amount payable as specified in their original contract for any Payment Holiday amendments within the original term date.

Can I change my mind about a Payment Holiday at any point?

JBR Capital appreciates that a customer’s financial position can change quickly, particularly in these unstable and challenging times. Any customer can make an application for forbearance and also re-apply if they were not supported initially, or if their financial position changes and they are therefore unable to honour any pre-agreed payment plan.

How long does it take for JBR to make a decision to a payment holiday request?

We will initially respond to you ASAP and aim to provide a formal response within 2-5 working days if you provide the information requested.


Useful Information

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or require debt advice you may want to consider contacting one or more of the following free independent debt advisory services:
Money Advice Service
Website: www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk
Telephone Number: 0300 500 5000

National Debt line
Website: www.nationaldebtline.org
Telephone Number: 0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice Bureau
Website: www.citizensadvice.org.uk
Telephone Number: 03444 111 444

Community Money Advice
Website: www.communitymoneyadvice.com
Telephone Number: 01743 341929

If you have any questions or concerns over your payment holiday please email the JBR Credit team at credit@jbrcapital.com


If I just cancel my direct debit will that cause an impact to my credit file?

Yes, if you do not maintain your payments this could have a negative impact on your credit file if you fall into arrears. JBR strongly advises all customers adhere to the terms of their agreement unless they have an agreed payment holiday in place. If you think you will struggle to meet your monthly payment then please email us on collections@jbrcapital.com

I would like to talk to someone at JBR, how do I get in touch with you?

We are here for our customers at this difficult time and will be happy to speak with you. Please call 020 3355 0051 or email collections@jbrcapital.com, we have a dedicated team on hand to respond swiftly.

I wish to get a settlement figure, how is best to obtain this ?

Please email settlements@jbrcapital.com for all settlement related questions, the team will endeavour to respond quickly. They can also advise how best to make any lump-sum payments or how to settle your agreement.  

I am not currently impacted by coronavirus , but I think I may be at some point in the future. What should I do?

For now you need not do anything.  Please continue with your payments as detailed within your agreement with JBR Capital.  If your circumstances change, then you may wish to get in contact by emailing collections@jbrcapital.com

My business has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and would like to enquire about a payment holiday. How do I go about this?

We have a number of options that are available to customer to assist those that genuinely need it during this challenging time. These range from a time of pause, to interest only payment.  We do assess each request on its own merits and we take the needs of our customer very seriously.  As such we will ask you to provide detail and this aids us in being able to come to a swift and correct decision. 

How has the Coronavirus outbreak impacted JBR’s operations and levels of service?

JBR Capital takes the welfare of its customers and employees extremely seriously and as such our office is closed.  All employees are now working from home and their welfare is being monitored by the senior management team. 

We continue to provide the highest levels of service possible at this time. Inevitably, some service levels have been impacted but rest assured our current and prospective clients are very important to us.

If JBR offer me a payment holiday, will this cause any negative impact on my credit file?

A payment reduction, payment holiday or change to your repayment schedule will not affect your credit rating. 

Do I need to sign any new documents if you agree to change my payment plan?

This is dependent on the circumstances. The team will talk you through the required documentation during your dialogue with them.

Why am I being asked to provide a budget planner, bank statements, or access to open banking?

We must ensure that we assess requests as quickly as possible, but also specific to that customer’s personal circumstances. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring they assist where they can, and the more information you can provide to us the sooner we can respond to you with a decision. In all cases we are requesting you provide a budget planner and bank statements to allow us to assess any changes in your income.

Where appropriate, Open Banking is an alternative which gives JBR access to review your accounts without you sending in copies of bank statements. Where you do not or are unable to provide relevant information, it may slow down your request.

I wish to make a payment to JBR, how is best to do this ?

Please email collections@jbrcapital.com for all payment questions or call 020 3355 0051. We have a dedicated team on hand to swiftly respond to you.      

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