Video review of the Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary

By Martin Kennington

I recently spent some time with the 50th Anniversary edition of the Morgan Plus 8, thanks to our friends at Beamish Morgan, and it’s fair to say that I was blown away (both literally and figuratively!) by the car. I drove the striking blue ‘speedster’ style version with an open cockpit, as opposed to the racing green soft-top convertible, on a windy day in the North Pennines – and the car left quite an impression on me.

Perhaps it was the spectacular open landscape the car was cutting a stylish line through but I’ve never experienced a driving sensation quite like it. It’s a light car – just 1,100kg dry thanks to its aluminium chassis – and makes 0-62 in just 4.5 seconds. In a car like this, on an open road, that might as well be light speed. Not that the car ever felt like it was getting away from me or pushing me beyond my comfort zone; it offered a thoroughly composed drive. Nudging the accelerator with a little more force gave me more of an impression of how much of a rascal this Plus 8 can be, as some ‘spirited driving’ on my part opened up the BMW V8 and the full force of 367bhp propelled me onwards, amplifying the fun factor.

Having been behind the wheel of a few Morgans, from the 4/4 to the Three-Wheeler and V6 Roadster, they’ve always proven an absolute pleasure to drive. The Plus 8 is unique in its stable, though, as its sheer power and playfulness set it in a class of its own. While a Caterham might be fun to throw around, it’s a far cry from the refined styling and exquisite details of the Plus 8.

Part classic car (at least in its looks), part supercar – the Plus 8 is the best of both worlds. If you can grin and bear it when the weather misbehaves and delivers a traditional British soaking, or save your sojourns for fine weather, then you’ll be rewarded with a unique driving experience – one that I guarantee will put a smile on your face!

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