Welcome back to the fund your passion podcast brought to you by JBR Capital. Today our guest is man who probably needs no introduction to most of you. It is none other than Mr. Jonathan Palmer – former Formula One driver and passionate supercar enthusiast.

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Darren Selig, Amanda Stretton, Jonathan Palmer


Amanda Stretton 

So we are now joined on the fund your passion podcast by a man who probably needs no introduction to most of you. But for those of you who don’t know, I will introduce him. It is none other than Mr. Jonathan Palmer. Now, Jonathan, wonderful that you’re hosting us here. Darren and I are so excited to be here in real life with real people in real cars.


Jonathan Palmer 

And not just real cars. I don’t think we’ve ever had such a collection of supercars at Donington Park, as we have today. I’ve come up to come and see come and see what this event is all about. And I have to say I’m hugely impressed. No, the paddock absolutely rammed with with supercars. We’ve never had this many here before.


Amanda Stretton 

I mean, what what’s your take on people’s appetite for this sort of thing? Obviously, the whole industry, racing and road is in a state of change, where we’re very much looking towards a different type of motoring in the future. But when you look at what’s around you here and people’s appetite, what does it say to you?


Jonathan Palmer 

Actually you know what, I think its so refreshing to see people, just enjoying some fabulous cars and not getting bogged down in climate change is important. We know that, but we can’t live our lives being continually oppressed by this and so much of what we do in life, whether it’s that plane taking some holidaymakers to Spain or whatever is gonna do and driving the cars and it things can’t change overnight, things are going to change progressively. Cars are already getting more environmentally sensitive, but at the moment, let’s enjoy a fabulous era of cars that we haven’t actually you know, I think the next 10 years until certainly 2030 I cannot be an absolute heyday for wonderful normally aspirated or internal combustion engine cars and the emotive appeal of these cars is enormous and it’s not going to get replaced I’m afraid by electric vehicles


Amanda Stretton 

And certainly not in a hurry. So looking around the paddock Then what is it that you like? What? Where’s your interest? Because of course you’ve got such a history of racing, as well. Does this is this sort of thing?


Jonathan Palmer 

Ive just been awe struck by Bugattis, by new Maseratis, Mclarens, Ferraris and Bentleys. What really is the best in in supercars in Britain is here today. I’ve not seen them before. And I’m spoilt for choice. You know, I just go from one to the other. I keep getting in the way of people’s cameras and they tried to take a picture. And they’re like, and they’re like in like an annoying kid wants to have a look at something.


Darren Selig 

I do think Johnathan you’re absolutely correct thing the next decades is going to be quite a golden era for forecasts for full combustion engine cars. I mean, what we’re what we’re seeing in the marketplace is absolutely satiable appetite for the luxury supercar and hypercar buyers and people are buying. There is no tomorrow in this sector. But there is another 10 years or so to go. And the passion and the drive is still very, very much there despite all the changes that are coming in terms of you know, moving to EV/Hybrids.


Jonathan Palmer 

I think its going to be more than ever and some people will know. Six months ago I bought Donington Hall. The old wonderful grade two style unlisted Hall, in which the circuit was built, this is the oldest road circuit in the country built in 1931. And I’m going to create from that, yeah, a wonderful 45 bedroom hotel, but also wonderful car stable things. We’re going to have Donington Hall motor house, where these sort of cars will be able to be stored as one of the many facilities for this. And I’m extremely optimistic about the prospects for this for the future. And I think in the same way that if we look at all the aeroplanes in the world, if somebody would turn there’s nothing that would turn heads more coming over right now probably than harder than other than a hurricane or a Spitfire with the sound of a Merlin engine, a piston engine coming over. And I think the cars that people are going to be buying over the next 10 years are going to be the pinnacle I agree with you, I think we’re gonna be in front actually enjoy it when it’s around. People are people are


Darren Selig 

People are already seeing a spot at the end is nice, so to speak, and are buying up, you know, the last of the collectible cars, put into their collections, store them away, and keep them to the for the long term.


Jonathan Palmer 

I agree with you to a large extent, but we know what they’re storing away who’s gonna drive them as well. Yeah, agree with you. There we go. Just before we can try climate climate change point of view that clearly are going to be synthetic fuels coming along that are going to be able to rerun in these cars. And I’m sure the owners of these cars will be very happy to run them on synthetic fuels whenever they’re available. It’s not going to happen next year or the year after, but it will within five years, 10 years the reason that he feels so you can enjoy these cars long term in the future and keep the world clean.


Amanda Stretton 

Just a quick question. This is my favourite car now that’s just started up. I think asythetically, that car is just something else. Yeah, the McLaren speedtail in case you’re wondering. Just just give us some timeline, because one of the things that we talk about with the owners here is where you get to use some of these cars. Now, obviously, your plans down the hall, you know, we’ll be appealing to many people. So what’s the sort of timeline for progression of that?


Jonathan Palmer 

We’re working heavily on it right now. In fact, on Thursday with another big project meeting on it, we’ve appointed project managers, architects for it. And I’m heavily in my big project at the moment, the Donington Hall hotel and the whole, the whole rejuvenation of that part of the estate, it will be the timeline, what you really want is when again, is going to be done. And that’s going to be March 2023. So for the 2023 season Donington hall will be open, I’ve determined that and so this event, I should think will be will be quiet. I mean, I’m very hopeful that not only will be will be be fully booked for this event in 2023. But it’ll also be a wonderful backdrop. It’ll be hugely atmospheric.


Amanda Stretton 

I know you’re in a rush, and I know you’ve got to fly away, quite literally. We’ll be looking at a helicopter going over in just a few minutes time but Jonathan Palmer, thank you so much for joining.

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