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McLaren P1 GTR Finance

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When it comes to high performance on the track, you can’t get much bigger, better or more intense than the McLaren P1 GTR. If you’re looking for the ultimate track toy, then look no further!JBR Capital is the expert in racing car finance. Our in-house team are ready to assist you with a bespoke finance package designed to suit you and your vehicle.



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McLaren P1 GTR Finance With JBR Capital

The track-only P1

Created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the McLaren F1 GTR’s victory in the 1995 Le Mans 24hr, the track-only P1 GTR was first revealed in pre-production form at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours event, with the production version getting its first public viewing at the 2015 Geneva show.

The recipe for the P1 GTR was simple; increase the output of the road-going P1’s 3.8-litre V8 twin turbo/electric hybrid powerplant from 904bhp to 986bhp, and add an ERS-style push-to-pass system. Add a larger, rear wing with a F1-derived Drag Reduction System and a more aggressive front splitter which together increases downforce by 10% at 150mph in corners without compromising speed on the straights. Fit race-spec suspension with a lower ride height and a wider front track. Fit 19-inch racing alloys, Pirelli slicks and a pneumatic jack system. Fit a bespoke, twin-pipe titanium alloy exhaust and polycarbonate side windows, and relocate the mirrors to the A-pillars to reduce drag and allow the driver a better rear view. Also relocate many of the key controls to the F1-derived, paddle-shift steering wheel and replace the road P1’s glass engine bay and roof panels with carbonfibre parts.

The net result of all this and more is a car that can accelerate to 62mph in 2.4 seconds (0.4 secs faster than the road P1), hit 225mph (+ 8mph) and generate around 2.5 lateral g (+ 0.35g).

Initially limited to a production run of 58 cars, the P1 GTR was offered only to existing owners of road P1s for £1.98 million – about twice as much as the road car although the extra cost also included a series of driving events at current F1 tracks around the world with access to McLaren technicians and engineers, as well as McLaren’s race simulators and driver fitness team.

Of the 58 P1 GTRs built, 27 have subsequently been converted for road use by Lazante Motorsport, the British outfit which had entered and run the ’95 Le Mans-winning F1 GTR. Due to this demand McLaren built six additional P1 GTRs.

McLaren P1 GTR Finance With JBR Capital
McLaren P1 GTR Finance With JBR Capital
McLaren P1 GTR Finance
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