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TrafficSource - Enquiry:--None--Direct Partners PPC SEO bing Advertisement
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TrafficSource - Original:--None--Direct Partners PPC SEO Google Bing pistonheads facebook Advertisement
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Enquiry Method:--None--Email Phone Web Form Social app Finance Calculator
Estimated Annual Number of Proposals:
Introducer Type:--None--Broker classics Broker used Franchised dealer Independent dealer classics Independent dealer used Affiliate None Broker Franchise Independent
Lead Sub-Status Free Text:
Lead Sub-Status:--None--01.- Commissions 02.- Products 03.- Existing lender relationships 04.- Underwriting parameters 05.- Service issues 06.- Other Target Potential Pre-Qualification First Contact Forms in Process New Set-up Not Interested Require Regulated Agreements Limited Opportunity Commitment to Competitor Reputation Stock Profile Uses JBR Broker Awaiting Sentinel Setup
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Marital Status:--None--Single Married Partnered Cohabiting but not married Separated Divorced Widowed
homeOwner:--None--Yes No
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Accommodation Type:--None--Detached House Semi-Detached House Terraced House Bungalow Flat / Apartment Other
Employment Type:--None--Full Time Employee Part Time Employee Casual Employment (temp staff, often with several employers) Temporary Employee (e.g. 3 month or less) Self Employed Retired Student Trainee / Apprentice Unemployed Other
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Employment Status:--None--Full Time Employee Part Time Employee Casual Employment Temporary Employee Self Employed Retired Student Trainee / Apprentice Unemployed Other
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