Amanda Stretton and Darren Selig reflect on the last twelve months for the luxury car market, discuss the quickening march of electric vehicles, and talk with industry expert Jonathan Franklin about why he’s bought a Yaris GR to accompany his soon-to-arrive 992 GT3!

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Selected quotes from this episode

On the purpose of the Fund Your Passion podcast

It is really to bring to the forefront of people’s minds about what JBR Capital is, what we’re here to do and give some exposure to our customers, valued introducers and the general community who buy cars and are passionate about cars.

JBR is a high value lender, lending 25 thousand pounds upwards to the millions. But that really that’s the boring finance side – what it is that we like is our customers and the passion that we share for their cars. We’re interested in hearing about the transformation of the market, moving from combustion engines into electric vehicles and we are just really fascinated by the entire sector. The sector is full of fantastic characters, some very quirky characters. It’s never dull, and it’s really about bringing that community together and understanding what they want and being able to provide financial solutions to fund their passion.

Darren Selig

On the consumer view of electric cars

An electric car has lots of tax benefits, so actually what does look to be quite an expense on the ticket price, can be made potentially cheaper by using the tax breaks through your business.

If I bought a petrol or diesel car now, how is the future value of my car going to be affected by the change? Where will the market be in that four years time, in a consumer’s thought process, and this may or may not significantly affect the value of the car I am buying today.

Darren Selig

But then a brand like Porsche bring out the new 992 GT3, which is bucking that trend if you like – its a pure internal combustion engine.
Amanda Stretton

I think the argument is really the daily driver car or is that a car of passion?
Darren Selig

On the markets in Lockdown

It’s been a fascinating year being in respects. A very difficult year for the markets and also that difficulty has brought some exciting opportunities. So when Coronavirus came along and dealers closed their doors, most lenders in the market pressed the pause button to some degree.
Darren Selig

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Fund Your Passion Podcast Ep23

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