Why finance a MᴄLAREN with JBR Capital

Your dream MᴄLAREN

If you’re considering the purchase of a McLaren, we would be delighted to discuss finance with you. Our flexible hire purchase and lease purchase agreements allow us to finance McLaren cars for a wide range of customers.
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Bespoke Finance

We can offer bespoke McLaren finance deals through a wide range of finance options tailored to your needs and requirements.

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Customer Service

Our team has both the experience and wealth of knowledge, making us the best in the business for McLaren car finance.

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Decision Making

Being the number one UK finance provider for McLaren cars enables us to make quick decisions and deliver quick turnarounds.

Types of MᴄLAREN Finance

We provide great McLaren finance offers and our monthly payments are often lower than other lenders.

MᴄLAREN Hire Purchase

A traditional hire purchase contract that allows you to pay for your MᴄLaren in monthly instalments with the option to buy the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement.

Equity Release On MᴄLaren

You can release equity against the value of your existing MᴄLaren and expand your car collection without dipping into your savings.

MᴄLaren Auction Finance

Arranging pre-approved auction finance with us will give you every chance of success.

MᴄLaren Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is a great way to buy a MᴄLaren. Balloon payment can be up to 50% of your loan which can be refinanced at the end of the agreement.

MᴄLaren Credit Line

If you’re after a MᴄLaren but have yet to decide which one, we can offer a credit line allowing you to move quickly and decisively.

MᴄLaren Restoration Finance

If you’re passionate about restoring a classic or historic car, it’s time to give us a call.

McLaren Finance Process

How to Buy a McLaren on finance

1. Submit Application

3. Pay Deposit

2. Credit Approval

4. Drive Your Dream

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1. Get In Touch

2. Submit Application

3. Pay Deposit

4. Drive Your Dream

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McLaren Finance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you finance a McLaren?

Head down to any McLaren franchise dealership or buy a pre-owned model from an independent dealer. Once you have selected your McLaren, call our experts on 020 3355 0035 to discuss your finance options – we’d be delighted to tailor a finance package to suit your needs.

What happens at the end of the agreement term?

Your options include: Paying off the balance and owning the McLaren; refinancing the balloon sum for an additional term; or sell the McLaren to pay the balloon sum and retain any remaining equity yourself. With a PCP agreement, after the final monthly instalment has been paid you also have the option to hand the car back to McLaren and walk away.

Can you arrange finance for more than one McLaren?

Yes – we have financed multiple car purchases for many clients. We look to build long-standing relationships with our clients and are happy to assess your requirements.

Can I refinance my McLaren?

If you own a McLaren valued at more than £75,000, we can refinance existing finance agreements with other lenders, enabling you to take advantage of any increase in value with more competitive monthly payments.

What is the cheapest McLaren you can buy?

Prices vary, starting around £143,000 for a McLaren 570S and £218,000 for the 720S, however, there are many customisation options available. If you’re interested in financing a McLaren check out our McLaren finance examples for more information.

Can I lease purchase a McLaren?

When you lease a car, you make monthly payments but don’t own the vehicle; it is returned to the finance provider at the end of the lease. With our lease purchase finance options, you own the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

Can I release equity from my MᴄLaren?

If your McLaren is valued at more than £75,000, you can release the equity tied up in the vehicle. Many clients have taken advantage of equity release as a means of repatriating capital. Visit our equity release page for more information.

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