Finance your dream prestige or luxury car

Prestige car Financing

There are plenty of great reasons to own a prestige car.

We can finance any high-end prestige and luxury vehicle, including 4x4s, limousines, executive saloons, futuristic hybrids and electric powered vehicles. From Tesla to Rolls-Royce, we can finance the prestige car you desire, including luxury car leasing deals. And there are a myriad of ways to finance including luxury lease cars, luxury car finance, and high end car equity release packages. We offer a highly personalised luxury service dedicated to meeting your needs, from our London UK offices.

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Why use Prestige & Luxury Car Finance with us?

Can I finance a prestige or luxury car?

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Bespoke Finance

Our credit analyst team doesn’t just punch numbers into a computer, they assess each case individually and offers tailored and flexible finance options to suit your needs.

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Customer Service

As a luxury car finance lender, prestige car finance is in our DNA. We provide great finance offers on all prestige vehicles.

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Decision Making

You’ve directly come to the source of the money, which for you means, quick decisions and turnarounds to ensure you get the prestige car of your dreams.

Types of Prestige Car Finance

We are a responsible lender and provide the most suitable finance option depending on a client’s situation and needs, with strong but realistic balloons & competitive prestige car financing rates.

Prestige car Hire Purchase

A traditional hire purchase contract that allows you to pay for your Prestige Car in monthly instalments with the option to buy the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement.

Prestige Car Equity Release

You can release equity against the value of your existing Prestige Car and expand your car collection without dipping into your savings.

Prestige Car Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is a great way to buy a Prestige Car . Balloon payment can be up to 50% of your loan which can be refinanced at the end of the agreement.

Prestige Car Credit Line

If you’re after a Prestige Car but have yet to decide which one, we can offer a credit line allowing you to move quickly and decisively.

Prestige & Luxury Car Finance Process

How to Buy a on finance

1. Submit Application

3. Pay Deposit

2. Credit Approval

4. Drive Your Dream

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1. Get In Touch

2. Submit Application

3. Pay Deposit

4. Drive Your Dream

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Luxury Car Finance Deals

You can buy your car from any recognized dealership, an independent dealer or a private seller.

You can also get a credit line ahead of a car auction, so you can have peace of mind when you bid for your desired vehicle.

We work with the best car dealers from the UK including DD Classics, Targa Florio, Dap Cars, Amari Supercars, Redline Specialist Cars and many more. View and apply for prestige cars on finance at Find Your Passion.


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Prestige & Luxury Car Finance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Prestige or Luxury car finance differ from leasing?

When you lease a car, you make monthly payments but the vehicle is returned to the finance provider at the end of the lease. With our finance options, you own the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

What happens at the end of the agreement term?

You have several options. You can pay off the balance and own the car outright, you can refinance the balloon sum for an additional term or you can sell the car to pay the balloon sum and keep the remaining equity yourself. It’s up to you.

Can I refinance my existing Prestige or Luxury car?

If you own a prestige or a luxury car valued at more than £75,000, we can refinance existing agreements with other lenders. This could enable you to benefit from more competitive monthly payments and take advantage of any increase in the car’s value. Find out more about how to refinance your current vehicle.

Can I buy the car from a private individual?

Yes – you can purchase your car from a dealer, private individual or at auction.

Can I get a credit line approved ahead of an auction?

We can pre-approve funds and make them immediately available if you place the winning bid for a prestige car at auction.

Do you have a prestige car finance calculator?

Yes we do – use some of the examples on this page or scattered throughout the site. Or head on over to our Prestige Car Finance Calculator

Can I arrange finance for more than one Prestige or Luxury car?

Yes – we have financed multiple car purchases for many clients. We look to build long-standing relationships with our clients and we’ll be happy to assess your requirements.

Can I release equity from my Prestige or Luxury car?

If your car is valued at more than £100,000, you can take advantage of equity release, which means we buy your car and then sell if back to you on a hire purchase agreement. Visit our equity release page for more information.