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Car Finance FAQs

Is there a minimum amount you lend?

We lend anything from £25,000 to £750k.

What type of finance agreements do you offer?

You can get the car of your dreams either on a hire purchase or lease purchase agreement.

The hire purchase agreements are a straight forward way of buying a car, where you pay regular monthly installments for the duration of the agreement. Check our hire purchase guide.

If you want to pay lower monthly payments, lease purchase might be a better fit. It works the same way as a hire purchase agreement, just that part of the loan value is deferred at the end of the agreement. Check our lease purchase guide.

I would like to talk to someone at JBR, how do I get in touch with you?

We are here for our customers and would love to speak with you. Please call 020 3355 0051 or email, we have a dedicated team if experts.

Why Finance your second hand supercar with us?


We’ve built great relationships with classic car dealers and auction houses and have a wealth of industry knowledge which enables us to offer the best advice at every stage of the buying process.

Custom-built finance

We are a direct lender and we assess every finance application individually. We will assess your eligibility and make sure we offer a loan that suits your financial circumstances.

Fast decision

We’ve paid out deals in less than 24 hours and £1m+ deals in less than a week, enabling our clients to act fast when they require cash.

Competitive rates

We are a responsible lender and provide the most suitable finance option depending on a client’s situation and needs, with strong but realistic balloons.

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Guide to using the finance calculator

Use the above car finance calculator to get an indicative car finance quote.

We understand, of course, that individual circumstances cannot be reflected in a calculator, so we would always encourage you to call or use the live chat functionality to speak to one of our finance experts for a tailored quote for your vehicle and circumstances.


Understand the terms:

Credit profile: Your credit score is determined by a multitude of factors and will affect the terms of the finance agreement, so choose the credit profile that best suits you, from POOR, AVERAGE, GOOD or EXCELLENT

Type of Vehicle: Select the type of vehicle, based on its age. NEW is for brand-new cars, USED for cars up to 10 years old, MODERN CLASSIC for cars that are 10-20 years old, and CLASSIC for cars more than 20 years old.

Price of vehicle: Use the slider or the number entry box to select the price of the vehicle.

Deposit: Use the slider or number entry box to select the amount of deposit you would like to pay. The minimum deposit percentage is set by the age of the car and will automatically display on the calculator.

Term: Select the number of months over which you would like to repay the loan, choosing from 24, 36, 48 or 60.

Balloon: This is a lump-sum payment at the end of a lease purchase agreement. The higher the balloon payment, the lower the monthly payments. Use the slider or number entry box to select the amount of balloon you would like to pay at the end of the term.

The calculator will display the full finance details, including the monthly repayments, representative APR, flat rate and total charge for credit. If you make any changes to any part of the calculator (for example the term or deposit), it will automatically adjust the repayment details.

If you’d like more details on how to finance your classic car, supercar or prestige car, speak to our team today for a tailored quote on  020 3355 0035.

Our Finance Products

We take pride in the bespoke nature of our service and our four core finance products can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you are looking to fund your dream car then a hire or lease purchase package could be for you. Alternatively, owners interested in unlocking capital in their vehicle can talk to us about equity release. Take a look at the relevant links below to discover more about the range of options available to you.