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Fast, Flexible Car Finance

If you are looking to finance any new or used high-performance vehicles, supercars or classics, our expert team is here to help.

Rates from 12.9% APR and Representative APR 14.9%

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Most frequently asked questions

What type of finance agreements do you offer?

You can get the car of your dreams either on a hire purchase or lease purchase agreement.

The hire purchase agreements are a straight forward way of buying a car, where you pay regular monthly installments for the duration of the agreement. Check our hire purchase guide.

If you want to pay lower monthly payments, lease purchase might be a better fit. It works the same way as a hire purchase agreement, just that part of the loan value is deferred at the end of the agreement. Check our lease purchase guide.

Is there a minimum amount you lend?

We lend anything from £50,000 to £750k.

I would like to talk to someone at JBR, how do I get in touch with you?

We are here for our customers and would love to speak with you. Please call 020 3355 0051 or email [email protected], we have a dedicated team if experts.

How much deposit do I need?

The deposit required for your car finance depends very much of the amount you want to lend and the car you want to buy.

We usually start from a 10% deposit for new and pre-owned vehicles, while for a classic we will request at least 25% deposit. In very exceptional circumstances we would also consider 5% deposit, however we will have to discuss your financial circumstances to assess what is the best for you.

It’s good to remember that if you put a larger deposit down, your monthly payments and the balloon at the end of your agreement will be smaller.

How quickly can I get a loan?

If you have all documents needed and the value of the loan is under £125,000 we can get your loan approved in 2 hours.

If you are approved and all documents are received and signed off before 2pm, we can make same-day payouts, so you can drive away in your dream car by afternoon.

If you have a more complex deal or borrowing over £150,000 we might need some extra time to get the deal approved, we might look at a couple of days to get it all setup depending of the complexity and of how fast you can provide us with all your documents .

I have bad credit, can I still get car finance?

The short answer is: Depends of your circumstances.

We take a holistic approach to credit underwriting and assess each application on its own merits. There are often very valid reasons why someone has a less than perfect credit history, and we always take into account each individual’s circumstances. 


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