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All Car Finance Options Available Through JBR Capital

Hire Purchase

This is a straight forward way of financing the ownership of a supercar or classic car. Hire purchase agreements allow you to pay monthly instalments for up to five years, with the opportunity to own the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement. 


Lease Purchase

A lease purchase agreement makes it possible to own a prestige vehicle on lower monthly payments than on a HP agreement. This is possible by deferring part of the loaned amount to the end of the agreement, known also as balloon payment. 


Equity release

If you own a vehicle over £100,000 you can use car equity release to free up some cash tied up in your car. Known also as ‘sale and hire purchase’, this type of finance can help you get the funds you need to expand your car collection or invest in other assets. 


Auction Finance

 If you have your eyes set on a prestige or classic car coming up on auction with any of the major auctioneers, we can arrange pre-approved finance, so you won’t have to worry placing your bids on the day of the sale.


Credit Line Finance

If you are in the process of purchasing a car but still searching the market, know that you can open a credit line. Getting your loan pre-approved before you buy, means you can act quickly and without worries when you find the right vehicle. 


Restoration Finance

If your classic car needs any type of restoration, anything from complete body work repair, to new paint or an engine rebuild, we can help you finance your project with any reputable workshops around the UK. 


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