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Jaguar Finance

Bespoke finance for new and classic Jaguar models

Jaguar is one of longstanding British car manufacturers that has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible, ever since 1935 when the first Jaguar was made.

If you are looking for elegance, dramatic design and racing performance, Jaguar models are one of the best choices you can make when it comes to prestige vehicles. From newer models, such as the F-Pace and Jaguar XJ, to the iconic E-Types, Jaguar continues the legacy of creating some of the safest and most reliable cars you can drive.

Like with many other prestige and classic car models, financing is a great way towards owning one. Speak with one of our advisors to see which option suits you best - hire purchase for straight forward ownership at the end of your agreements or lease purchase if you are looking for lower monthly repayments, with a balloon payment at the end.

Why Finance with us?



Our holistic approach underwriting, enables us offer bespoke financing options to suits our high net worth clientele’s need.



Jaguars are a popular choice for prestige car finance, and we financed many models, from F Type R Supercharged V8 to E-Type restorations and classic XK140 Roadsters.



Our human lead approach to underwriting and the fact that we are an independent lender, facilitates quick decision making when it comes to approving your Jaguar car loan.


Competitive rates

For every Jaguar loan application we will take into account the car’s true residual value, and all assets you may own, including your business situation, to offer a competitive monthly repayment plan with realistic balloons.

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How much deposit will I need?

Usually 10-20% of the cost of the vehicle. The exact sum will depend on your financial situation and whether you are buying a new or used car. However, there are a few agreements that do not require any deposit, whereas others may ask for up to 30 per cent to qualify for a low interest rate. Of course, the more money you can put down as a deposit the less you’ll have to borrow and therefore the lower your monthly repayments will be.

I have bad credit; can I still get car finance?

The short answer is: Quite possibly. We take a holistic approach to credit underwriting and assess each application on its own merits. There are often very valid reasons why someone has a less than perfect credit history, and we always take into account each individual’s circumstances. If you’d like to discuss this, we’d be delighted to explain further.

Can I settle the agreement early?

Yes, but charges will usually apply – these are explained in the terms and conditions of your agreement. Please call us for further information.

Can I sell the car?

Once you’ve paid off the outstanding sum it’s yours and you can do whatever you like with it. However, while you’re still paying off the finance you aren’t legally entitled to sell the car.

Can I reduce my monthly payment?

You can reduce your monthly repayments by putting down a larger deposit at the start of a finance agreement, or deferring a lump sum (also known as a balloon payment) until the end of the agreement, which can be a useful option in some circumstances. Call us to discuss your options and we can explain more.

What interest rate will I be charged?

This will depend on the value of the car you are interested in buying, the type of finance you choose and your personal circumstances. If you’d like a personal quote, get in touch. We’d be happy to oblige.

Can I arrange finance for more than one car?

Yes – we have financed multiple car purchases for many clients. We look to build long-standing relationships with our clients and we’ll be happy to assess your requirements.

Jaguar - Representative Finance Examples*

*Shown below are hire purchase with balloon finance examples, purely for indicative purposes. Please contact one of the team for a tailored quotation.
Jaguar Finance

Jaguar F-Type

Total amount of credit£58,500
Total charge for credit£12,560
48 monthly payments of£791
Final balloon payment£32,500
Total amount payable£77,560
Fixed rate of interest per annum6.38%
Duration of agreement49 months
Representative APR6.9%
Interest TypeFixed
Jaguar Finance

Jaguar E-Type

Total amount of credit£108,000
Total charge for credit£23,191
48 monthly payments of£1,471
Final balloon payment£60,000
Total amount payable£143,191
Fixed rate of interest per annum6.52%
Duration of agreement49 months
Representative APR6.9%
Interest TypeFixed
Jaguar Finance

Jaguar F-Pace SUV

Total amount of credit£31,500
Total charge for credit£6,762
48 monthly payments of£420
Final balloon payment£17,500
Total amount payable£41,762
Fixed rate of interest per annum6.11%
Duration of agreement49 months
Representative APR6.9%
Interest TypeFixed


Car Finance Process With JBR Capital

1. Get In Touch

Call or email us today to receive a quote from our car finance experts

2. Submit Application

Once agreed, the finance proposal will be submitted to our underwriters

3. Pay Deposit

Once approved, you simply pay the deposit, sign the finance agreement

4. Drive your dream car

We pay the balance and you drive away in your dream car!

Jaguar Finance

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Top Jaguar SUPERCARS We HAVE Financed

Jaguar Finance


Stylish, highly capable coupé and convertible, 2013-now

Jaguar Finance

F-Pace SUV

Awarded car of the year this is one SUV not to miss, 2016-now

Jaguar Finance

XE Saloon

2.0-litre turbocharged executive car that will certainly make a statement, 2015-now


The big cat mascot of Jaguar has adorned the bonnets of some of the most desirable and drivable cars of all time, and in every era the marque has produced utterly iconic models.

Skip forward to today’s supercars and we find this same mix of iconic power with beauty. Taking its cue from that most fabulous of classics, the 1960s E-Type – the F-Type in Jaguar’s words is “the latest in a distinguished bloodline.” A car of unique beauty and a worthy successor. Under the bonnet that cat does not scream but purrs, with a 300PS 4-cylinder 2.0 litre Turbocharged Ingenium Petrol engine. Supercars do not come much more refined than this.

Jaguar is also successfully moving into the electric car space with the I-Pace concept creating electric waves. The I-Pace itself has its roots in the E-Pace and F-Pace ranges which are popular with our customers.

Go back in time just a little and you find some seriously good supercars which blur these lines. For example there’s the fabulous and rare XJ220 of the 1990s which was at the time the fastest production car in the world and which still boasts out-of-this-world performance and utterly unique looks. Read our piece on the current value of the XJ220 >>

The brawny XJRs and XKRs picked up the performance baton shortly afterwards, with saloons, coupés and convertibles offering both speed and style. And so on all the way to today, when the already mentioned F-Type keeps the marque’s reputation for suave sports cars alive.

The marque’s old motto of ‘pace, space and grace’ still applies, making Jaguars classic and modern some of the most rewarding cars you can own.

Jaguar Finance
Jaguar Finance
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Top Classic Jaguar Models We Finance

Jaguar Finance


Curvaceously-styled Le mans winning racing car, 1954-57

Jaguar Finance


Iconic and all-time classic sports car, 1961-73

Jaguar Finance


Classic racing sports car, 1948-54


Jaguar is seen by many as a brand oozing in quiet elegance. But the big cat that is Jaguar has roared very loudly over the years, noticeably on the racetrack but also along the green and pleasant lands of the UK’s roads.

In every era the marque has produced iconic and beautiful models. Going back in time, we see the sporting pre-war SS Mark IV models, with their sweeping wings and sumptuous leather upholstery.

Then just after WWII came the ground-breaking and gorgeous XK120 sports cars, followed by the uprated XK140 and XK150. Le Mans is perhaps where that Jaguar has roared the most loudly and successfully over the years.

The C-Type and Jaguar D-Type – some of the most beautiful yet purposeful cars of all time, combining then-new technological advances in braking and engine performance with robust reliability and aircraft-inspired lightweight construction.

And then came the E-Type, a 1960s icon and a car that can still make onlookers’ jaws drop today with its sleek styling and undeniable charisma. The wheels alone are a design icon with their delicate spoke-work. Famous owners include that master of speed Malcom Campbell. The E-Type’s brother – the Mark 2 saloon, which in 3.8-litre form is still a fast, handsome and comfortable car today.

Or how about the elegant Mark IX limousine, the modern classic XJ-S grand tourer or the timeless XJ6 saloon?

If you are considering joining the Jaguar owners’ ranks, you have an existing classic Jaguar you wish to release equity from or you need help with restoring an old classic do please contact us to discuss how we can help you finance one of these beautiful classic cars.

Jaguar Finance
Jaguar Finance
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