• JBR Capital achieves its best four-month period since the company was established in 2015
  • Origination of £80 million and average advance per loan of £81,000
  • Porsche the most sought-after marque, followed by Land Rover/Range Rover and Audi
  • JBR Capital’s new sustainability initiative leads the automotive finance sector
  • Pioneering partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain offsets emissions of clients’ cars for 5,000 miles
  • JBR Capital nominated for multiple honours at 2022 Car Finance Awards
  • Media images: https://bit.ly/JBR_Capital_Record_Period
JBR Capital

Leading automotive finance provider, JBR Capital, has launched into 2022 with a record-setting four-month period – the most successful since the company was founded in 2015. Based in London, JBR Capital has lent over £80 million from January 1st to April 30th, enabling an ever-growing number of clients to fund their passion for high-end vehicles.

JBR Capital is the UK’s only independent finance lender dedicated solely to prestige vehicle finance and has lent over £800 million in tailored loans to date. As the company continues to build upon its long-standing relationships with dealers, brokers, and clients, JBR Capital is poised for significant growth throughout 2022.

Over the past four months, Porsche proved to be the most popular marque with clients, followed by Land Rover/Range Rover and Audi respectively. The most in-demand model of Q1 2022 was the Porsche 911 (All variations), with the Range Rover Sport and Audi R8 taking second and third place.  The most popular location for the provision of finance has proven to be South East, followed by London and West Midlands.

JBR Capital also now leads the automotive finance sector on sustainability too, recently launching a new initiative that will greatly reduce the environmental impact of its clients’ cars under its progressive environmental, social and governance strategy.

Via the establishment of a new carbon-offsetting programme, JBR Capital now offsets 5,000 miles of carbon emissions for each car financed by its clients, effective 1st January 2022, through the purchase of carbon credits. With a new exclusive partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, JBR Capital will enable its customers to continue to enjoy driving, but to do so in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.

In addition, JBR Capital has been shortlisted for a trio of awards at the prestigious Car Finance Awards 2022. Named among the finalists in categories including ‘Best Independent Lender (Non-Bank Owned)’, ‘Best Specialist Car Finance Provider’ and ‘Company Award for Sustainability’, winners are set to be announced on 19th May.

Through a highly personalised approach, JBR Capital has been able to serve and rapidly grow its loyal introducer and customer base. The company’s holistic underwriting approach assists clients with a range of financial circumstances achieve an agreement with highly competitive monthly payments using a risk-based pricing model. Through its partnership with Supercar Driver, JBR Capital immerses itself in the high-performance automotive community, attending key events throughout the year as one way of staying in touch with its customers.


Darren Selig, Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at JBR Capital, said: “We are thrilled to begin 2022 with a record-setting four-month period for the business. Demand for high-end cars continues to be strong and JBR Capital is devoted to providing its clients with truly bespoke financial solutions to enable them to enjoy their automotive passions. We are proud to welcome new fellow automotive enthusiasts to our business each day.”

Nayan Kisnadwala, CEO, commented: JBR Capital provides an unrivalled level of expertise and knowledge of the high-end car market. We are continuing to grow our expert team to ensure that we meet demand, provide the personalised service we are renowned for, and capitalise on an exciting year ahead of highly anticipated new model releases. All the while, we are leading the sector with our ground-breaking carbon offsetting programme, enabling clients to fund their passions in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.”

Press information

Founded in 2015, JBR Capital is the UK’s only independent finance lender dedicated solely to high-end vehicle finance, the Company is backed by Cabot Square Capital, the specialist financial services private equity investor. JBR Capital has rapidly established an enviable reputation within the automotive finance sector, forming close relationships with dealers, brokers, and customers – and will this year surpass a £1bn of lending.

Through a combination of a highly personalised approach and key strategic partnerships – such as with Supercar Driver and The Intercooler – JBR Capital immerses itself in the high-performance automotive community.

For further information on JBR Capital, visit www.jbrcapital.com