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JBR Capital and The Intercooler have partnered up to offer an exclusive automotive finance and editorial content package. JBR Capital is a leading provider of finance solutions for high-end vehicles, while The Intercooler is a renowned automotive media company that produces insightful and entertaining content for car enthusiasts.

This partnership aims to provide customers with a unique blend of financial expertise and editorial content, allowing them to make informed decisions about their automotive investments. Together, JBR Capital and The Intercooler are committed to delivering unparalleled service and valuable insights to their clients.

What is The INtercooler?

The Intercooler (Ti) is a groundbreaking ad-free digital car magazine offering subscribers the best motoring journalism from the world’s greatest team of automotive writers, designers and engineers.

Ti delivers beautifully written, timeless stories every day of the working week in the most modern and convenient form possible.

Over 1000 stories

Subscribers can access a library of over 1000 stories about cars and driving, reviews of the most important new models and stories that deliver unique insight into the car industry and motor racing world.

The Intercooler Subscription Offer

JBR Capital members are invited to subscribe to The Intercooler at 20 per cent off the standard price. To redeem this offer and gain unlimited access to The Intercooler’s library of stories, exclusive podcasts and interviews please contact our Sales Team (sales@jbrcapital.com).

The Intercooler

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On the #fundyourpassion podcast we spoke to The Intercooler, co-founders Andrew Frankel and Dan Prosser about how to become an automotive journalist and what cars they are excited to review in 2022.

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