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Tesla Model S Finance


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Tesla Model S Finance


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Tesla Model S Finance


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Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance
Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

Tesla’s first car – the all-electric Lotus Elise-based Roadster – came to market in 2008. The second – the all-electric plug-in 5-door Model S luxury saloon – was announced the same year, with a prototype being unveiled in 2009.

Model S production commenced in 2012, with the first RHD cars arriving in the UK in June 2014, and it’s been produced with 60, 70, 75, 85, 90 and 100kWh lithium ion batteries, single and twin motors of varying power outputs, rear- and all-wheel drive and coil spring or active air suspension.

At the core of the Model S’ design are its compact, low-mounted electric motors and its flat battery pack located within the aluminium chassis beneath the cabin’s floor. This gives an exceptionally low centre of gravity thus improving handling and safety, while the absence of a bulky internal combustion engine allows for increased crumple zone areas with boot space at the front and rear.

According to Tesla, the interior has the sound dynamics of a recording studio, but the most prominent feature is the huge, 17” touchscreen from which innumerable functions can be controlled. Additionally, the Model S can now be had with a variety of cutting-edge technologies including full LED adaptive headlamps and the Bio Weapon Defense Mode cabin air filtration system. Since 2014 the Model S has been equipped with Tesla’s self-driving Autopilot hardware with eight cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors plus radar that can see through rain, fog, dust and even the car ahead.

The Model S P90D’s motors make 568kW (762hp) which give a range of 361 miles, a 155mph top speed and the potential for a 2.8-second 0-60 time if equipped with the optional ‘Ludicrous’ mode. The P100D has a more powerful battery pack, a 381-mile range and with Ludicrous it can sprint to 60 in 2.275 secs, although it takes the car a while to prepare itself, such actions can’t be repeated without ample breathing space between each run, and both range and battery life is reduced. Those details aside it’s still the quickest production saloon on the planet.

The Model S was treated to new front-end styling in 2016 and it’s the world’s second best-selling plug-in full electric car after the Nissan Leaf. The five-variant range is priced from £56,835 to £131,835 on the road, with used asking prices ranging from around £40k up to £100k.

Tesla Model S Finance
Tesla Model S Finance
Tesla Model S Finance

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Tesla Model S Finance

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