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The Koenigsegg cars are truly advanced and excitingly adventurous supercars; everything from suspension to fuel to interior lighting has been thoroughly considered and optimised. Hybrid technologies feature heavily, with electric drive making an appearance on the recent Regera. Koenigsegg make what is, if you really value no-holds-barred dedication to innovation and excellence, the finest car in the world. Do you see one of these amazing machines on your must-buy list? If so, do please contact us to discuss how we can help you finance one of these astonishing cars.
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Bespoke Finance

Finance personally designed to suit you and your vehicle

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Customer Service

We specialise in high-end vehicles. That’s our only focus

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Decision Making

Face-to-face conversations, and fast decisions made by humans

Types of Koenigsegg Finance

Our personalised approach means that we may, depending on your circumstances, be able to offer finance to clients who do not fit the traditional computer-driven models of other companies.

Koenigsegg Hire Purchase

A traditional hire purchase contract that allows you to pay for your Koenigsegg in monthly instalments with the option to buy the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement.

Equity Release On Koenigsegg

You can release equity against the value of your existing Koenigsegg and expand your car collection without dipping into your savings.

Koenigsegg Auction Finance

Arranging pre-approved auction finance with us will give you every chance of success.

Koenigsegg Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is a great way to buy a Koenigsegg . Balloon payment can be up to 50% of your loan which can be refinanced at the end of the agreement.

Koenigsegg Credit Line

If you’re after a Koenigsegg but have yet to decide which one, we can offer a credit line allowing you to move quickly and decisively.

Restoration Finance

If you’re passionate about restoring a classic or historic car, it’s time to give us a call.

Koenigsegg Finance Process

How to Buy a Koenigsegg on finance

1. Submit Application

3. Pay Deposit

2. Credit Approval

4. Drive Your Dream

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1. Get In Touch

2. Submit Application

3. Pay Deposit

4. Drive Your Dream

Koenigsegg Finance Examples

Koenigsegg Finance Deals & Offers from our partnered dealers

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Koenigsegg CCX Finance

Koenigsegg Agera Finance

Koenigsegg Agera Finance

Koenigsegg Regera Finance

Koenigsegg Regera Finance

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To us and our clients a car represents something far greater than simply a mode of transportation. A vehicle is about expression, aspiration, thrill, community and a pride of ownership.

Your Passion

Your passion is owning and driving your dream car. That feeling of picking up the keys, of being alone in the cabin, driving on a clear road and all the freedom that comes with it.

Our Passion

Our passion is for getting you there. We are experts in high-end car finance, be it classic cars, supercars or luxury – and everything in between. We work with dealers, collectors, restorers, racers and car owners at all levels. Our passion would be nought without yours.


Koenigsegg Finance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you finance a Koenigsegg?

Yes, we are experts in supercar finance and therefore specialists in Koenigsegg finance. We are a direct car finance lender and you can finance your Koenigsegg with us for flexible finance options and competitive rates.

How much deposit will I need for a Koenigsegg?

Usually 10-20% of the cost of the vehicle. The exact sum will depend on your financial situation and whether you are buying a new or used car. However, there are a few agreements that do not require any deposit, whereas others may ask for up to 30 per cent to qualify for a low interest rate. Of course, the more money you can put down as a deposit the less you’ll have to borrow and therefore the lower your monthly repayments will be.

Can I refinance my Koenigsegg?

JBR is able to help you refinance an existing loan, potentially offering a simpler solution at a more competitive rate. Give one of our friendly team a call to discuss your options.

How to finance a Koenigsegg?

We make Koenigsegg finance quick and easy. You can finance your Koenigsegg through our bespoke finance options. From Koenigsegg lease purchase and Koenigsegg hire purchase, our finance packages are flexible and tailored to suit your needs.

What about Koenigsegg Finance offers?

Our team works hard to always give you the best, bespoke deal we can get for you and your Koenigsegg. our human approach might take a little longer, but it means there are no sales and no special offers at JBR Capital - we always strive for the best price.

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