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1976 Rolls-Royce Camargue Coupe
Camargue Coupe

















One of the most exclusive of all Rolls-Royce models
Beautiful Masons Black with Red Connolly Hide interior
One of only 531 built
Styled by Pininfarina of Italy
Costing £249,000 new at todays prices!
The Rolls-Royce Camargue was styled by Pininfarina of Italy and launched in 1975 to a mixture of awe and disbelief. Was this audaciously styled car, its lines reminiscent of the Continental sports saloons of the past, really worth almost twice as much as the Silver Shadow on which it was based? The company’s flagship, the Camargue was priced at 50 percent above the Corniche and used an up-rated version of Rolls-Royce’s dependable, 6,750cc pushrod V8 engine. In keeping with tradition the power output remained undisclosed but most testers reported a healthy improvement in acceleration above 70mph and a top speed in excess of 120mph. The Camargue was introduced with Rolls-Royce’s advanced split-level air conditioning system which later became standard on the Shadow II range. The interior remained the traditional ‘Gentlemen’s Club on Wheels’, with acres of walnut embellishment and the finest-quality leather. The Camargue and Corniche were also the first to feature Rolls’ revised rear suspension and ride height control.

The Camargues production was shared between Mulliner-Park Ward in London and the Crewe factory for the first few years before being concentrated at the latter plant from 1978. It was produced at the rate of around one car per week, the Camargue was an exclusive model even by Rolls-Royce standards with only 531 units produced by the time production ended in 1986. When finished a Camargue would cost ~£83,122 or close to £249,000 at today’s prices!

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