And then… Car fanatic Paul Bailey talks with JBR Capital founder Darren Selig about campaigning his Brabham BT62 in the GT Cup and a memorable conversation with Luca di Montezemolo over dinner at Maranello…

“It was the most exhilarating experience I have ever had”

Full transcript of the onboard video

David Brabham onboard Transcript

Darren Selig 

Hi everyone, Darren Selig from JBR Capital. I am in the Brabham BT 62 with the world famous renowned Driver David Brabham, who is the manufacturer of the car. This is going to be one heck of an experience, scary as hell and slightly worried. But I think I’m in very good hands with David. So here we go.

Darren Selig 

Very good. Amazing. Beats go karting.

David Brabham  

Yes. wasn’t that bad though, was it?

Darren Selig 

No, but I mean, you’re up at around 220 I don’t feel to 220 although my stomach’s all the way up here. But it was amazing, absolutely amazing

Full transcript of the Paul Bailey video

Paul Bailey Transcript

Darren Selig 

So, I have just been out this afternoon, round this track in the fabulous Brabham bt 62 My stomach is just about returning back to its normal position. It was the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had because normally I’m going 30 miles an hour on the north circular so for me it was outstanding. Paul Bailey who actually owns this car beautiful car Brabham BT 62. Paul, tell me a bit about the car. And you’re racing in the GT Cup Championship. How’s it how’s it all going?


Paul Bailey 

Well, the most amazing thing is really jack Brabham who was the father, he designed a Formula One car, he then decided to build it, and he then decided to race it and became world champion. I mean, that simply is never going to happen again. His sons David is phenomenal driver Le mans winner, multi championship successful driver. And we were very lucky today that you went out with David Brabham in a Brabham.


Darren Selig 

It was a once in a lifetime experience. And I have to tell you, I was absolutely terrified. David is an absolute professional. He looked like he was doing some Sunday driving, while still going 225 miles an hour around the circuit and saw my life flashed before me. But what about the GT cup and racing?


Paul Bailey 

So, the GT Cup, a great championship. There are multiple classes, and most of the classes are for homologated cars, which means they all fit within a certain agreed criteria. Like for example, a GT three or a GT four car, this car runs un-homologated in the GTO class, which means that you can really bring pretty much anything you like any horsepower and enjoy in the championship. Or you can bring, for example, a GT three car and unrestrict it and just drive it full power around the circuits. So fantastic, fun, and we’re having a great season.


Darren Selig 

And Paul, finally, we all know you’ve got quite a collection of cars, just just tell us choose one Car, Which is your favourite car and why?


Paul Bailey 

I think that my favourite car probably has to be my Ferrari LaFerrari. And the reason for that is because it took me 20 years to get in the top echelon of Ferrari customers. I got to meet Luca De Montezemolo several times. He was such a nice guy every time you met him, he remembered who you were. I remember the day that I was sitting down having a meal. And we were talking about the new fantastic LaFerrari that was coming. Nobody knew the name. And the chap that was there, a board director for Ferrari said, “Are you looking forward to getting your car Paul?” And “I said nobody in the world knows that they’re going to get a car yet” And he said “one moment” left the table didn’t know what he was doing, brought Luca to our table. 400 people were in deadly silence. Luca came over kissed me on both cheeks as he does and said “you have a question for me?” I said “Do i?” He said “yes, you want to know about the new Enzo? The new Ferrari?” I said “yeah, I was just wondering whether I might get a car or not?” And “He said Paul, my very good friend. You are getting a car!” A tear went down my face and 400 people clapped. People thought it was amazing. And so yeah, that’s my favourite car.


Darren Selig 

Wow. Well, quite a story from the legendary Paul Bailey, thank you so much. Thank you so much for everything today. It’s been an amazing event. Brilliant. Thank you. fantastic day.

Images above are from the GQ Article on the Brabham B62.

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